Monday, October 8, 2007

Open Letter to Prison Break Fans...

I know there are many of you that are just dying now that they have taken away a certain someone you'd all come to love but from the posts I have been reading, your not what I would call "true" fans at all.

I have been reading on almost every message board that people will no longer be watching the show because her head ended up in a box! Get over it!!
Trust that these writers know what the hell they are doing and that they will continue to find more interesting ways to keep the show going.

If you only watched the show for the coupling of these two people then your a sorry excuse for a fan and the show never needed you in the first place.
Not to mention you missed out on so much more that the show and it's writers had to offer.

Killing that person off was in the shows best interest, Now Wentworth Millers "real" acting can begin! I think we are about to see some of the best work he will have ever done up to this point.
And that is a great reason to continue to watch this amazing show.
The twists and turns it has taken over the last 2 years should have for warned each and every one of you that NO ONE was safe, not one darn person.

So my advice to each of you, Shut up and just enjoy the show and get ALL your facts straight before you go jumping down any ones throat about anything regarding this matter.

Some facts are:
The writers had fully intended to keep that person for all 22 episodes.
But the NETWORK not the writers did not like how the story was going and axed the idea.
When offered 11 episodes (she would return in episode 10 or 11) She refused!
They offered her 9 so that they could send that character off properly..She refused AGAIN!
They offered to fly out to where she was located and film what they needed where she was and yet again SHE refused.
The writers had to think quick on their feet and come up with something fast and to them it was the only possible way to have her taken out with out it looking extremely stupid.

So when you want to place the blame, Place it where it's been earned.
If she had really wanted to be a part of this show, she would have taken the 11 episodes or 9 episodes and would have been happy with that, But she who is really to blame?

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