Sunday, March 16, 2008

Scarlet vs Alanis???

Scarlett Johansson is set to take on Alanis Morrisette in a battle of the albums!
Both women plan to drop an album on the very same day!
I tell ya it must be a Ryan thing or something, maybe the record company just wants to see what the heck would happen if they pit Ryan's new lady against his ex lady.
Maybe they are hoping some sparks will fly.

Alanis is a Canadian favorite but really has not had a huge success since "Jagged little Pill"
And Scarlett has never released a CD so who knows if she can even really sing.

My money is on Alanis, She's been doing this a whole heck of a lot longer and knows just what it takes to get it out there and make it on her own steam.
Scarlett is probably just other manufactured bubble gum tasty tart, But I guess we will find out.

Good Luck to both ladies, I am sure Ryan is having a huge ass laugh as we speak!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In Memory - Heath Ledger

Today is a sad day, I have lost one of my all time favorite actors.

Heath Ledger was found dead in NYC today at around 3:30pm, the cause of death seems at this point to be an accidental overdose of sleeping pills.

I have followed Heath's career for many many years (almost from the start) and he truly was one remarkable actor.
Picking roles based on how they would challenge him rather then what might pay him the most money. I truly respected him for his choices in roles.
He was a private man and did not really take a shinning to the spotlight thrust upon him at the high points of his career.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, specially his little girl.

Heath you will be forever missed, and I am sad that another great actor's life was cut way to short.
You will forever and always be in my heart, My Knight.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Body Language Says...

As some know I am a fan of the Fox TV show Prison Break, and I happen to adore one of it's lead actors Wentworth Miller (actually I will take both lead actors as Dominic is just as hot!)
I recently starting watching how many topics about Wentworth's sexuality were getting started all over the Internet and I found it so amazingly funny that I had to do my own little bit of blogging on the subject.

Back in August Wentworth was spotted walking with "rumoured" boyfriend Canadian actor Luke McFarlane.
This sparked up many different types of conversation including the body language of both men.
So I thought I would get down to the bottom of this whole body language discussion and actually ask a body language expert!

Next is a breakdown of what the expert had to say:
In photograph 11 (of JustJared's site) you can see the pair walking down the side walk, but Miller is walking on the grass where McFarlane is walking on the actual side walk.
This is how "friends" may appear to walk with one another, also notice in a couple of the other sidewalk shots Miller appears to be leaning away from McFarlane which indicates nothing romantic or sexual between the pair.

In photograph 10 (again on JustJared's site) the pair are seen in a car with one another.
When a man crosses his legs it is a sign that he is not wanting attention directed towards his man parts, If the man is sitting with his legs apart he is inviting a person to check out what he as a suitor has to offer.
This would also entail that there is no sexual or romantic relationship going on between the pair.

In photograph 16 where Miller is appearing to be laughing, his body is leaning outward towards the car door which suggests that he is again showing the same sign as when they were walking.
Leaning away from a person indicates a lack of sexual interest in the person they are with.

But Miller's casual laid back manner in body language suggests that the two have been friends for awhile and are very comfortable in each others presence.

So our expert's final say would be? (are they or aren't they?)
Upon close inspection of each of the photographs, It is my professional opinion that Mr. Miller and Mr. McFarlane are nothing more then friends.

My final word? (Body language is not a 100% proven you never know)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Open Letter to Prison Break Fans...

I know there are many of you that are just dying now that they have taken away a certain someone you'd all come to love but from the posts I have been reading, your not what I would call "true" fans at all.

I have been reading on almost every message board that people will no longer be watching the show because her head ended up in a box! Get over it!!
Trust that these writers know what the hell they are doing and that they will continue to find more interesting ways to keep the show going.

If you only watched the show for the coupling of these two people then your a sorry excuse for a fan and the show never needed you in the first place.
Not to mention you missed out on so much more that the show and it's writers had to offer.

Killing that person off was in the shows best interest, Now Wentworth Millers "real" acting can begin! I think we are about to see some of the best work he will have ever done up to this point.
And that is a great reason to continue to watch this amazing show.
The twists and turns it has taken over the last 2 years should have for warned each and every one of you that NO ONE was safe, not one darn person.

So my advice to each of you, Shut up and just enjoy the show and get ALL your facts straight before you go jumping down any ones throat about anything regarding this matter.

Some facts are:
The writers had fully intended to keep that person for all 22 episodes.
But the NETWORK not the writers did not like how the story was going and axed the idea.
When offered 11 episodes (she would return in episode 10 or 11) She refused!
They offered her 9 so that they could send that character off properly..She refused AGAIN!
They offered to fly out to where she was located and film what they needed where she was and yet again SHE refused.
The writers had to think quick on their feet and come up with something fast and to them it was the only possible way to have her taken out with out it looking extremely stupid.

So when you want to place the blame, Place it where it's been earned.
If she had really wanted to be a part of this show, she would have taken the 11 episodes or 9 episodes and would have been happy with that, But she who is really to blame?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My 2 cents on Kiefer Sutherland!

First I want to say that NO I do not condone drinking and driving!!! Do not think the following post is trying to condone what Kiefer did.

At 1:10am on Tues. morning actor Kiefer Sutherland was pulled over after making a u-turn at which time he failed a sobriety test.
Sadly this is not the first DUI arrest for the actor, and he is facing yet another charge and possible jail time.

My question is this? If they are going to charge Kiefer why are they NOT pursuing charges against the club that allowed him to walk out and get into his car knowing full well he had been drinking at the event that evening???

Kiefer attended Fox's Fall Eco-Casino Party, so I believe FOX should also be held responsible for allowing him to drink and drive!
When hosting an event where alcohol will be served a liquor licence must be obtained, and in that licence it clearly states that the host of said event is "responsible" for the welfare of the guests and their actions.

Paparazzi sat out front waiting as the celebrities left, and they have it on video that Kiefer was clearly in NO state to be driving, but they wanted their money shots so not one of them asked how he was getting home, or told him he was in no position to be driving.

This whole event could have been avoided if the people in charge of this event had done their jobs correctly!
I admit Kiefer is stupid, but when a person is drunk they don't realize just how much they can effect the people around them, they think they are just fine and they are OK.
It was up to someone else to say "No your not OK and you need a cab".

If bars are held responsible for people who drink and drive why are these publicly hosted events not being held responsible as well?

To all those "entertainment" shows that chose to run this story and put his public display of intoxication on view for all, they should feel ashamed of themselves.
Report what should have really happened as well as what did happen.
Kiefer is not the only one at fault here, every person who saw him that night and did nothing but stand by and watch as he got in his car are just as guilty!
If he had killed someone that night, blood would have been on all your hands!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nice Come Back Brit..dont think so!

For those of you who watched the opening of the MTV Video Awards, I hope you were as happy and not disappointed as me.
Britney claimed some big come back for the year, and she sucked as always.

MTV needs to give out an award for best lip sync artist, I am sure Brit's house would be lined with millions of those.
And I am not sure what it is with her an wanting to go naked in front of millions of people every damn time she gets on a stage, But this was the outfit to top it all!

Recently she had been "spotted" with Criss Angel, who then turned around and said he was "working" with her for her performance on the MTV Awards.
She was suppose to disappear?!? The only thing I seen disappear was the food from my stomach!
Maybe Criss had her disappear right after her his room!

All in all her performance was her worst to date!, not only can she not sing but she can no longer dance. All her moves looked way to over choreographed, almost mechanical in style.
Her cloths were disgusting and the grabbing a guy by the balls thing has been so over done it's not even tacky anymore, it's beyond tacky.

Better luck next time Miss Spears, Your going to need it!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Is Disney Scared?

Recently some very Un-Disney like photos surfaced of one of Disney's top cash cow's Vanessa Hudgens.
The High School Musical star was caught not only with her pants down, but right off!
Her publicist confirmed to insiders that yes sadly the photos were not fake and that they had been taken in a moment of poor judgement, Your telling me!

What the heck is an 19 year old doing posing for naked photos anyway?? and my question is; Who the heck TOOK the photos??? hopefully it was her boyfriend Zach Effron.

And now the big question on every one's mind is if Disney will choose to keep her for the High School Musical movie? Source's have said Disney is in talks with her to now lower her ever increasing asking price to do the movie, and in all likely hood she will stop pushing for more cash to help keep her career flowing in the right direction.

Kudos to Perez Hilton for actually removing the photos of her off his site once he actually found out it was her, He has his moments too I guess .. ha ha

Honestly I don't think this set back will effect her career at all, some parents might be a little pissed but little boys everywhere have saved those photos and are using them as secret screen savers!